Monday, October 1, 2012

VLIR-UOS Master and Short Training Scholarships 2013-2015

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from Africa, Asia and Latin-America to follow a training or master programme at a Dutch speaking university or university college in Belgium. The eligible training or master programmes are taught in English. They are designed for people in positions of responsibility in civil society.

The scholarships cover all related expenses. For application, please visit the website of the training or master programme. You can apply for a scholarship from October 2012 (master programmes) or November 2012 (master programmes organised at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and all training programmes). The deadline for application for the master programmes: 1 February 2013; for training programmes: check the programme websites.

Overview Eligible Programmes

The master programmes, lasting one or two academic years, focus on specific problems of developing countries. These are designed to enable graduates to share and apply acquired knowledge in the home institution and country.
In the shorter training programmes, lasting one to four months, the focus is on transferring skills rather than knowledge, thus creating opportunities for cooperation and networking.

International Master Programmes 2013-2014
International Master Programmes 2013-2015
International Training Programmes 2013

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