Friday, July 29, 2011

From Waste to Energy - Alternative Energy Solutions The Environmental Management Programme Galilee International Management Institute, Israel 27th October - 14th November, 2011

The foremost challenge facing today’s decision makers is to guarantee availability, quantity and quality of energy, for both the short and long range future; at minimal economic, social and environmental cost. Using new technology for recovery of materials from the waste stream, Israel is fast becoming a world leader in reducing the amount of solid waste and creating alternative energy for production of fertilizers, water and biogas. Through efficient use of renewable energies, Israel is less and less dependant on imported energy sources (oil, coal & gas) and is taking crucial steps towards reducing air-pollution.

The upcoming Galilee Institute Environmental Management Programme is a window of opportunity for professionals interested in Alternative Energy solutions. Through intense study, comprising professional lectures; study tours and interactive sessions, participants will get the opportunity to absorb Israeli knowledge and experience at first hand.

Tuition scholarships for qualified candidates are currently available. For further information about these scholarships and about the programme, please contact the programme director, Ms. Carmel Elharar at: or visit our website

Please note that there are additional programmes, which may also be of interest to you:
* Project Management (December, 2011)
* Public Administration and Civil Service Management (January, 2012)
* Human Resources Management (December, 2011)

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and to have the privilege of welcoming you both to our Institute and country in October.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ofer Dressler
Academic Director
The Environmental Management Programme
Galilee International Management Institute, Israel

P.O. Box 208
Nahalal, Israel 10600
Phone: 972 4 642 8888
Fax: 972 4 651 4811
Skype: galillee.carmel.barouk

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